APERIO: to uncover, lay bare, reveal, make clear. 

The moments that I would not normally share with someone who isn’t close to me are visible in this project.

Here I explore self-love and my body.
Here I try to convey what I am and what I’m not.
Here I show my home, my privacy, where I feel good about myself.
Here I reveal myself to the world in a series that will never end.

There will always be something to add, there will always be some void that needs to be filled.

2010 – Present

Presented at:
IADE X14 Finalistas, Museu das Comunicações, Lisbon
Festival Condomínio, Colectivo Corpo Latente, Lisbon
V Feira de Arte Contemporânea da Amadora, Colectivo Corpo Latente, Amadora